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Races of Fédia



Little is known of the Suhaïlites, but that they were the first born, and they had the power to shape chaos into order. They are assumed to be immortals, but noone really knows. They looked like humans when they welcome them in their holy lands, but it is unknown whether this was their real appearance, or a shape they took not to frighten men.
They left the holy lands of Xuari to an unknown destination, some say they left the world, others that they went to the edge of the universe to continue to forge order out of chaos...



Humans were the second born, those touched by Chaos, Suhaïl brother in spirit.
Blessed by both gods, they are very different from anything that existed previously, and since they were touched by chaos, they come in various height, weight, shape, colors...
Their societies varies as much as their appearance, and range from delighted dictatorship, to corrupt republic. They are by far the most present people on both the old world and the holy lands.
Humans looks like real world europeans.



Dharamis are humans who fled the great shout of chaos and met Gaïa later on, they came from under the surface and learnt to love the beauty of the sky, the wilderness and all life, without forgetting the safety of the underworld.
The Dharamis society is based on fairness and kindness, organised around families or clans, with little rivality between them. They still venerate Gaïa the great Titan, and they have a very close relationship to the spirit world. They live both above and under the ground, building cities combining subterranean passages and houses on the surface.
The Dharamis look like real world chinese, although a bit shorter.



Girisas are humans who rebeled against the Titans and adopted Buddhism as their way of life, and those having put an end to the Devil-Titans supremacy.
The Girisas live in villages and have little central governement, monasteries are common, monks searching for illumination, and martial artists practicing Kung-Fu, are very well thought of by the people.
The Girisas look like real world Tibetans.



Amaras are the children of the Girisas and the Suhaïlites, they received the gift of long life and eternal youth, and also are able to see right in the hearts of men, whatever that might mean.
The Amaras society is a simple yet effective hierarchical structure, at the village, region and realm level. People are elected by the population and are more managers than anything. There have been no reported war in Amaraë ever. The Amaras look like real world Hawaïans.



Those are the humans killed by the great shout, who fled to the underworld, and came back later to the surface in various shapes.
They were originaly both terrible and evil, but each new "generation" became less evil, more keen to become living beings again.
The first comers were the Dragons, then came the animevils, after them the Vampire Lords, and last the Immortals.

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