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Greyworld is a Science-Fiction world, in which a human like race is conquering the galaxy, using spaceships and other advanced technology.
This race is far from being the only inhabitant of its galaxy, and aliens are dealt with mercylessly, either they have the technology to stand the confederation power and might be let free, or they can't resist, and be eradicated or ignored while the confederation colonizes their planet.
This behavior creates a lot of tension inside the confederation, as more and more people are relucant to use technology as the only reference of civilisation to chose whether aliens should be conquered or left alone.
Life on confederate planets is rather peaceful. Citizen are wealthy, and polution isn't an issue since it lead to the destruction of their home world so long ago.
Everything is going rather well for the unchallenged confederation, until one day, an unexpected event changes everything.
Something is happening to the citizen of the confederation, for the worst or the best, the confederation as it existed will soon vanish...
And the usual questions arise : What is happening ? Why is it happening ? Why now ? Why are only some of the citizen afflicted ? What will become of the confederation and its citizen ?

Last Updated : 17/10/08


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