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The Ages of Fédia


The Age of Dreams

During this age the Suhaïltes were born, first children of Suhaïl, made to be similar to him with the will to shape chaos, the power to model it and to create beauty and order out of it. They are those whom, with their father Suhaïl, built the universe. While they were forging the world out of chaos, sparks of consciousness awaken inside chaos, giving birth to the Spirits, who took the same shape as the creatures already existing. Not good, neither evil, those spirits traveled across the world, peacefully.


The Age of the Oracle

After the emergence of Suhaïl's consciousness out of chaos, and the start of the making of the world with the Suhaïlites help, another consciousness rose, Chaos...
When the world was about to be ordered, Suhaïl created other children, the Humans, for them to populate the wonderful world he created with his first born, but Chaos interfered, and touched Suhaïl new creation...
For the Humans to go as he would like, Suhaïl provided them with an Oracle, capable to accurately predict the future in this ordered world, but the world was not ordered for the humans had been tainted by Chaos. To the humans who asked which future was theirs, the Oracle drew a picture of a stunning beauty...
Mankind started to weaken, their beautiful cities vanished, their glory faded... Long after they were born, Chaos came to seek the creatures he contributed to. He looked in that not so strange world, but couldn't find them, he called them like you call an obedient child, but he didn't get any answer, out of despair, he shouted, and his powerfull shout shook the whole world !
Terrified by the shout, many humans died out of fear, others fled in the depthes of the earth, fearing the terrible creature who could shout like that. The souls of those who died of terror that day fled at the bottom of the world to become Wraiths.


The Age of the Titans

After the great disaster which both Chaos and the Oracle led to, the Oracle was put outside of humans' reach, and Chaos worked together with Suhaïl to create the Titans, incredible entities of power who's task was to guide and teach all the lost knowledge to humans, and to lead them to a glorious civilization of peace and harmony under their care. And so this new age started, the Titans started by gathering the survivors and build cities, and all what was lost was found back, but the Titans quickly understood the hidden rules of the creators, and that their powers were dependant on the number of their followers, soon each Titan tried to have more followers, asked their follower to spread, to convert people, to reject the other titans rules, and at last, they started a war.
The Titans build mighty armies and invaded their neighboors territory, they ordered their followers to build huge temples, palaces and statues to their glory and changed the shape of humans to fit various needs, some stronger for battle, some faster for scouting; and they changed their skin color so that they could easily spot any scout, spy or missionary entering their domain.
The world was under fire, but one Titan didn't fall into this madness, and protected its domain without trying to extend it, and without changing humans. That Titan met those who fled the shout of Chaos, deep under the surface, and educated them like she did with the other men under her protection. Those people from below were called Dharami, and chose to serve Gaïa the Titan, of their own free will.
During this time, somewhere in the world, a new idea was born, a philosophy about respect for all life, love and condolence : Buddhisme.
Those rebels, in the eyes of the corrupt Titans, were not of any interest, they were few and weak, and during a while the Titans just didn't care, one of them captured the leader of those Buddhists, and discussed with him at great length for many long days, after what he decided to completely change his rule and the laws of his realm. He even asked the other Titans a meeting, and all Titans came, but Gaïa who never left her domain. He shared this new great idea which came from men, but unfortunately, his brothers and sisters Titans saw only madness where he was seeing wisdom, and feared the influence of the rebel leader. They threw their mad brother above the eastern ocean and decided to unit their forces to kill those rebels once and for all.
The war was swift, in a matter of weeks, the rebels allied with the followers of the lost Titan fell back up to the mountain of creation, and in an ultimate battle fought the Titans legions. The Titans had decided to make an example of those unfaithful by destroying them by magic, they concentrated their powers, and by that very act attracted the consciousness of Suhaïl. Before they could unleash the elements against the rebels, Suhaïl came. In front of such a great lack of order, he became angry, and fustigated the Titans, ordering the rebels to explain themselves. Once he knew what happened, Suhaïl decided to thank those who did draw his attention to the madness having taken his creation by bringing back from the dead those of the rebels who died during this war.
All of the Titans having fought the rebels during this ultimate battle were banned, made of flesh and blood into horrible gigantic being, bound to survive only by the sacrifice of their followers...
The Titan Gaïa who faithfully fullfilled its duty, received the extreme honor of becoming part of all creation, its essence being imbued in every single living being.
The rebels were called the Girisa, and were blessed to live on the holy land of the Suhaïlites, never heard of by the Titans, and received the gift of magic, to protect themselves from such a madness, should it ever happen again.


The Age of Magic

During this blessed age, the Dharamis, the Girisas, and those upon men who found the light arrived in the holy land of the Suhaïlites, far in the east, and were taught magic, the art to order chaos. Some Suhaïites fell in love with Girisas, and got offsprings, the Amaras, who have very long lives and eternal youth, with the gift to see into human hearts.
In this age the Fortune were born, meant to replace the Titans who miserably failed their duty to watch over the world. People were chosen amongst the Girisas, who became Fortunes, getting great powers, eternal life, being able to change themselves into Riyu, and to abdicate in favor of another mortal, in order to end their life as simple mortals themselves.
The age ended when the Suhaïlites left the world for another unknown to all; before they departed, they gave the Amaras their children, the Heartstone, a red round stone bigger than a fist; to the Girisas, who freed the world from the now called Titans-Devils, they gave a Naginata made entirely out of silvermetal; to the Dharamis, servants of Gaïa, they gave an armor of silvermetal.


The Age of Dragons

While the Dharamis were exploring the underworld, searching for their brothers and sisters who might also have fled during the great shout, the Amaras were being raised by their parents, and the Girisa enhancing their martial arts.
The Dharamis met the Wraith in the depth of the world, and those followed the scared Dharamis fleeing back to the surface, which they reached soon, and became horrible creatures from the Dharamis nightmares, and so were born the dreadful Dragons !
The Dragons, former Wraith full of hate and anger against those having survived the great shout, savagely attacked the Dharamis before spreading all over the world. The Dragons were big, flying, smart, magic masters, breathing boiling metal out of their mouths, made out of steel, iron, gold, silver, copper, and almost invincible...
Occupying more and more territory, the Dragons forced the Amara to assit the Dharami in their war, but even together they were no match for the Dragons and their armies, and were forced back to the Amara realm in the south, and the frontier of their realm the Amara sent the most powerful army ever heard of, supported by the Fortunes themselves, to battle the Dragons and their troops.
The lord of the Dragons, so big and powerful he was said to eclipse the sun on the whole battlefield came to watch the battle, but then, someone challenged him. Without the least doubt about the outcome of the fight against such a weak ennemy, the lord of the Dragons flew to the one crazy enough to challenge him. When the lord of the Dragons saw the Amara standing there not fearing him, and asking him to attack first, the lord of the Dragons thought he was facing a mad person. The Dragons laughed long and hard, and the lord the Dragons asked his challenger to strike him first instead. The man wondered whether the lord of the Dragon wasn't sure of the power of his deadly breath, and the great Dragon sent the most burning and thick of clouds. When, a long time after, once the clouds dissipated, the challenger was still standing, without the least scratch or dust, then, and only then, did the lord of the Dragons understood, too late, that he wasn't facing an Amara, but a Suhaïlite instead, who demonstrated the extent of his powers in a blinding glare.
When sight returned to everyone on the battlefield, the lord of the Dragons was nowhere to be seen, but instead of him, in the air, right where he did stand, was a fine Katana, a short curved Amara blade, and this blade was called "Saya" .
After this extraordinary event, the Suhaïlite said that whomever would try to invade the land of the children of the Suhaïlites, would be assured to find a Suhaïlite in his way. The Dragons and their slaves became scared, and in the panic following, the Amara, the Girisas and the Dharamis, helped by the Fortunes exterminated the Dragons armies, and many Dragons were slain too.
With this battle ended the Age of the Dragons.


The Age of the Fortunes

After the coming of the Dragons, the Fortunes, who were rare up to that day, became powerful, and interfered more often in the world of men. Having great powers, being immortal, shape changing into Ryu, the Fortunes, however, don't have churchs or followers, neither any set territory, if some statue can be dedicated to them, the Fortune don't grant powers to those praying them like the Titans used to.
Not all the Wraith came from the underworld in the form of Dragons, after those, the one who came became Yumas, giant parodies of existing animals, like the Spirits, but evil and bloodthirsty, with the will to destroy. The Spirits didn't like what the Wraith turned into and started a war against them, both "species" seemed to disappear in the mist of memories...
After the dreadful Dragons, and the ugly Yumas, the Wraith who came took corpses of dead persons, and became master vampires, human looking, weakened by the light of the sun, drinking blood to survive and a refinement in their cruelty and violence, jealous of those having the life they have lost so long ago. They established their realm at the most extreme opposite of the Amara realm, far in the north east, by fear.
At last the Wraith less and less numerous took the form of the Immortals, human looking, being almost living, they build their realm in the north west, in the vast plains. Quickly they entered a war against the master vampires in the east, and to protect their realm, they build mighty towers of granit through all their realm.
After a long quest to become living beings again, some Dragons got forgiven by the Fortunes and Gaïa and received the gift of life, and the gift of death which you can't separate from the first. They became great flying repitilian creatures and changed their colors from metalic to chromatic, returning to life.


The dawn of a new age

A new age is coming, with the Dragons receiving the gift of life...


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