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FlExtEngine is my new engine, meant to replace OctoPort, my previous, height times (re)written engine.
I decided to write a new one from scratch because I wasn't satisfied with my previous coding standards, and wanted to have a complete and minimal interface for each class.
This new engine, build up on the knowledge I acquired on OctoPort, embraces the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle, and tries to be Simple, Fast, Efficient and Elegant.

The name of the engine comes from the contraction of Flexible Extendable (3D) Engine.

This new engine is subject to a series of articles published at Beyond3D, the first in the series being available here, and the second there.


Current Status

FlExtEngine is work in progress and currently numbered as v0.1d.
As soon as I get something worth showing, I'll add screenshots. However it's likely to take a while since I'm writing it from scratch...


Brief Version History

Version 0.1d : Integrating Scene Tree, Spatial Graph, Instancing Tree and "Rendering Queue". Finishing RenderingProcess design, modifying the Effects interfaces, and considering alternative designs for the (Index and Vertex) Buffer Manager.



Last Updated : 07/07/08


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