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I have been playing RPG (as a game leader) since 1989, using the DnD rules for a long while.
My gaming world started as a generic DnD high fantasy setting (think GreyHawk, Tolkien inspired), and growing since that day with inspirations from books, mangas, games, and players.
After a while it took its own feeling, but I didn't like the way it was too much of a Tolkien rip off, so I did start to redesign it in late 2001, to make it more eastern (asian) inspired, and removing everything that could make it Middle Earth like.

The new game setting (which is being used; and so evolves), has gotten free of elves, dwarves, traditional gods, priests, paladins, wizards, and all the generic 'crap' found in DnD...

Enjoy !

Last Updated : 31/03/06


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