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Probably one of the best resource about 3D hardware on the web, Beyond3D forums are browsed by people in the industry, be it IHVs (nVidia, ATI, PowerVR...) or video game firms.
I'm a Moderator there, so don't mess up the forums or I'll have to moderate you ;p



ParKnowYa is a PowerVR news site, although we've had better days, like at the start of 3D accelerators when PowerVR PCX2 (Videologic boards & Matrox m3D) was competing with 3Dfx, and later during the Dreamcast's (RIP) life, the site is still up and running.
If PowerVR is not really on the PC space anymore (although Intel having licenced the technology), it's very present in the mobile space; be it Mobile Phones or Handhelds with the PowerVR MBX, MBX Lite and SGX.
I'm also a Moderator here :) is an excellent source of information about game development, some people in the forum and writing articles are quite skilled and nice enough to share their discoveries with everyone !



Gamasutra is all about the Game Industry, from Mobile games to "Next Gen" Consoles, from Publishers to Indeps, and from Art assets to code, everything's covered, pay it a visit. (Registration is *free*) :)

OpenGL is the Industry Standard for 3D graphics acceleration. If it's not that popular with games anymore (it was during the Quake era), it still is in use in 3D modeling programs and scientists applications.
OpenGL 3.0 is a huge let down to me. Nothing like the OpenGL 2.0 "Pure" 3DLabs proposal, and not what was hinted either...



Definetly my favorite IHV due to the technology (Tile Based Deferred Renderer) used in its Graphic Chips, PowerVR has unfortunately left the PC market, and isn't in the Console market anymore either :(
PowerVR made the PCX2 chip when 3Dfx was making the famous Voodoo chip, then PowerVR won the Dreamcast deal and provided it with the CLX2 chip before re-entering the PC market with the PMX1c known as KYRO.
You can still find PowerVR MBX Lite, MBX and SGX in many handheld devices... (Including the Apple iPhone.)



The website of the Haiku OS. Recreating the amazing BeOS (Best OS of the World, no less :p) from scratch !
6 years in the making and soon in beta :)

Last Updated : 17/10/08


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